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Welcome To Mukund Masala

"MUKUND MASALA" the Queen of spices as the household name among the millions today, Mr.Manish Prajapti, the Founder of the Company was a small time turmeric trader, from a village called Perundurai near Erode. He found MUKUND MASALA COMPANY in 2010 and was doing Turmeric Trading for some time. Later, he entered into the arena of pure spice powders like Turmeric, Chilli and Coriander. His inquisitiveness let him to enter into masala world with dauntless. He encountered a lot of hurdles, since selling masala powders during those days to the oriental women who are traditionally conservative, was not that easy. It was the concept selling on "Easy Cooking" rather than marketing food products. With self -determination and persistent attempts he was able to get into the kitchens of our country and the rest of the world.


Our Company carries a special responsibility and takes our consumer,environmental and social obligation professionally. We have committed ourselves to sustainability and building on the three pillars of ecology, economy and social responsibility.


The company uses modern technology in drying the raw materials. The largest Solar heating channels by a masala company in Inida, are used to dry the raw materials without losing its natural quality, flavor & aroma.


Quality of the spices plays an important role in generating a continuous patronage of customers. Our company strives to ensure the quality of spices. we ensure that the materials processed are of the desired quality. The quality commitment is widespread in all stages of procesSign from Raw material procurement to finished goods dispatch.


The Management and Employees of Mukund Masala assure to provide spices safe for human consumption, manufactured in clean environment with consistent quality to achieve customer satisfaction & commitment to continual improvement.


At, Mukund Masala we are equipped with equipment for measuring Physical, chemical & Microbiology Tests as to ensure best quality of spices, besides that we are regularly sending our samples our samples to 3rd party labs for various test of spices


'Tradition and Technology perfectly blended' is the shibboleth of MUKUND MASALA. With all the quality of being humble (humility), we can declare that MUKUND MASALA is qualitatively a superior product because the raw materials used are the best and are processed and packed hygienically.

Our Product

Brief Overview

Success of Mukund MASALA lies in the innovation of manufacturing procedures, as there were no definite machineries for specific production of spice and spice mixes. With the growing experience, suitable changes were made in order to match the requirements that made all the differences in manufacturing spice powders and spice mixes which retain the aroma and flavour.

Mr. Manish Prajapti, Mukund Masala


Our Vision and Mission as an organization is to compete on a global basis, focusing on our resources and continuously enhancing customer satisfaction with our range of quality products with best rates.
No Compromise at any level by adopting latest technology & maintaining hygiene by following all the rules of government & believing in relations maintaining and hiring experienced hardworking team
In addition to well laid buildings and latest machinery, we also have with us services of a diligent team of professionals who put in best of their efforts to meet the client's needs. They also keep in touch with the customers in order to get better understanding of their demands.
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